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Research Interests: Comparative cell biology, marine biology

David Julian's Projects

Biological - Cell biology of marine organisms
Principal Investigator: David Julian

We are currently investigating the cellular and molecular adaptations of marine and aquatic invertebrates to hypoxia, environmental toxins and other physiological stresses. The objectives of our research are to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms by which some marine invertebrates can tolerate, and even thrive, in extreme and seemingly toxic conditions. Students may learn a variety of techniques, including cell culture, microscopy, enzyme biochemistry and high-throughput screening.

Requirements: One year each of biology and chemistry with an A grade in all lectures and labs. Lower division status preferred. Students from minority groups that are under-represented in the sciences are especially encouraged to apply.

Time Commitment: 12 hours per week minimum

Independent Study: Available
Work Study: Available
Salary: Available
Volunteer: Available