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Joanna R. Long's Profile


Research Interests: Ongoing projects include: 1) understanding the role of lung surfactant proteins and synthetic analogs in regulating membrane biophysics, 2) Examining effects of aging-related changes in lipid composition on the function of membrane-spanning proteins, 3) Determining structure/function relationships in the regulation of biomineralization by bone sialoprotein.
We use a variety of techniques, including solid state NMR spectroscopy, calorimetry, and computer modeling to study lipid and protein structure and dynamics. We use molecular biology and solid phase peptide synthesis for protein expression.

Joanna R. Long's Projects

Biological - Protein structure and function in complex systems
Principal Investigator: Joanna R. Long

Multiple projects examining protein structure and function in lipid membranes and extracellular matrices. Use of molecular biology or solid phase peptide synthesis for protein expression, biophysical characterization techniques, spectroscopy, computer modeling. Projects: 1) Ion channel function in heterogeneous membranes, 2) Mechanism of lung surfactant protein B, 3) Bone Sialoprotein and biomineralization, 4) Integrin association in membranes. Preference given to students in their second year at UF.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of biology, chemistry and molecular; undergraduate organic chemistry or microbiology lab preferred.

Time Commitment: 2 years; 6-16 hrs/week

Independent Study: Available
Work Study: Available
Salary: Available
Volunteer: Available
Physical Science - Computer-assisted design of NMR experiments
Principal Investigator: Joanna R. Long

The project will use computer based optimization of solid state magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) to design radiofrequency experiments for high magnetic field applications. Applicant will help with design and writing Matlab programs, TCL scripts, and bash scripts to do the optimization. Applicant will also help with experimental verification of optimized solutions on spectrometers at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Tasks will include programming, spectroscopy, working with large, superconducting magnets, and general maintenance and repair of various mechanical and electrical devices.

Requirements: Programming experience, preferably Matlab. Experience with the Linux environment.

Time Commitment: 6-12 hours/week

Independent Study: Available
Work Study: Not Available
Salary: Not Available
Volunteer: Available