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Justin C Sanchez's Profile


Research Interests: Neuroprosthetics, neural engineering, electrophysiology, brain-machine interfaces, paralysis, movement disorders, epilepsy

Justin C Sanchez's Projects

Engineering - Neuroprosthetics Research
Principal Investigator: Justin C Sanchez

The goal of the NRG is to develop state-of-the-art novel medical treatments by operating at the interface between basic neural engineering research and clinical care. This direction of research is motivated by the potential of direct neural interfaces for delivering therapy and restoring functionality to disabled individuals using engineering principles. The mechanism by which we can achieve these outcomes is through the sampling of large ensembles of cells from the cortex and deep brain structures, from which we have a window of opportunity to study the functional relationships of neural systems (motor system, limbic system). Experimental paradigms involving microelectrode array recordings in behaving animals and humans will be developed in conjunction with signal processing techniques for studying the unknown aspects of neural coding and functional neurophysiology. These signal processing techniques will then be implemented in portable, low-power, wireless hardware (electrodes, DSPs) that is feasible for a clinical implementation of a BMI. Ultimately, it will take the culmination of new functional neurophysiologic knowledge, clinical interaction, signal processing, and low-power, portable electronics to demonstrate the clinical utility for human subjects.

Requirements: Strong motivation to grow and develop independent research skills.

Time Commitment:

Independent Study: Available
Work Study: Available
Salary: Not Available
Volunteer: Available