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Research Interests: Marine ecology of recreational fisheries

Andrew B Barbour's Projects

Biological - Marine Biology Assistant
Principal Investigator: Andrew B Barbour

Looking for an interested and motivated individual to assist with field work in Charlotte Harbor, Fl, on a project in conjunction with Mote Marine Lab. Work would be for 2 weeks in each of October and November, as well as the first week of December. Work involves pulling seine nets in 3 tidally flushed mangrove creeks to capture and subsequently PIT tag juvenile common snook (Centropmous undecimalis). Work may continue in the spring.

Requirements: This work is very time consuming and the study area is 4 hours outside of Gainesville. Housing will be provided, but volunteer will need to be able to spend considerable time away from gainesville

Time Commitment:

Independent Study: Not Available
Work Study: Not Available
Salary: Not Available
Volunteer: Available