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Research Interests: Biological wastewater treatment

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Engineering - Biodegradation of carbon-based nanomaterial throug
Principal Investigator: Ben Koopman

It is foreseen that fullerene (C60) and derivatized fullerenes induce a variety of biological effects, and are suspected to be released to the environment through industrial and municipal waste streams. During investigation of toxicological effects of fullerene (C60), discovery was made indicating certain fungal species, which serve as the universal recyclers, displayed the ability to mineralize polyhydroxylated fullerene derivatives. Through controlled research experimentation, we seek to quantify the ability of select fungal species to degrade fullerene and its water-soluble derivative, fullerenol. Experimentation work will include spectrophotometric determination of gaseous CO2 and aqueous fullerenol concentrations as well as biomass production. Additional investigation will include microscopic analysis of fungal cells.

Requirements: Training with FTIR and UV/Vis spectrophotometric and microscopic equipment will be provided; weekly laboratory and analytical sessions; summary report writing

Time Commitment: Flexible

Independent Study: Available
Work Study: Not Available
Salary: Not Available
Volunteer: Available