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Research Interests: early medieval history, archaeology, and gender; history of archaeology and anthropology; general projects related to the humanities

Bonnie Effros's Projects

Humanities - Technologies of Identity and their Implications
Principal Investigator: Bonnie Effros

As director of the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, I have organized a speaker series in spring semester 2010 entitled "Tracking Citizens and Subjects: Evolving Technologies of Identity" at the University of Florida. This will be a set of interdisciplinary events, intended to start conversation about how identity tracking affects public policy. I am in search of a research assistant who will help facilitate the visits of four internationally known speakers to campus who will each discuss various facets of identity-tracking technologies. The subjects that will be addressed include the history of fingerprint analysis and its problems, the future of biometric technologies, national security and privacy issues of tracking techniques, and the CSI effect on jury trials in the United States.

Requirements: In addition to asking the student read works on the relevant topics of each talk, I will need the student be present at each of the talks and help facilitate the visits of the scholars as they come to campus. If the student would like to receive academic credit for participating in this project, I will ask that s/he complete a research essay on this topic.

Time Commitment: 1/13; 2/3; 3/3; 4/7 are the dates of Weds.lectures

Independent Study: Available
Work Study: Not Available
Salary: Not Available
Volunteer: Available