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Clay Calvert's Profile


Research Interests: Contemporary issues involving freedom of speech and press, ranging from free expression in public schools to the regulation of violent video games to sexting.

Clay Calvert's Projects

Communications - The Federal Crackdown on Adult Content
Principal Investigator: Clay Calvert

This project involves conducting research for a forthcoming interview with a former US Attorney name Mary Beth Buchanan who prosecuted two high-profile obscenity cases. The interview will be the centerpiece of a law journal article.

Requirements: Using LexisNexis Academic database to gather newspaper and magazine articles about Buchanan and the two cases at issue; Proofing and editing drafts of the law journal article; Drafting questions for the interview with Buchanan; Suggesting interesting topics to address with her during the interview. Email:

Time Commitment: Three to Five Hours a week/Flexible

Independent Study: Not Available
Work Study: Not Available
Salary: Not Available
Volunteer: Available