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Michael D. Dukes's Profile


Research Interests: Water conservation through optimized irrigation (vegetable & landscape). Water quality improvement through proper irrigation management. Testing advanced irrigation control systems. Hydrology/water quality of urban landscapes.

Michael D. Dukes's Projects

Agricultural - Investigation of Feedback Irrigation Control
Principal Investigator: Michael D. Dukes

With all water use categories increasing in Florida each year, efficient use of water resources will be essential to sustaining the current agriculture, industry, and quality of life. Florida is the largest agricultural water user in the humid region and has the second largest withdrawal of groundwater for public supply in the U.S. Although irrigation is practiced widely in Florida, there are recent advances in computer technology and water delivery systems that can make irrigation systems more efficient.

Requirements: Willingness to learn research techniques. Some travel from Gainesville will be necessary.

Time Commitment:

Independent Study: Available
Work Study: Available
Salary: Not Available
Volunteer: Available