“Striving to build community and create opportunities within the Honors Program”

The Student Honors Organization (SHO) is comprised of our university's top scholars and student leaders.

Each year, a diverse team of elite students is selected to represent our large Honors community.  Students are selected through a rigorous application and interview process based upon leadership experience, character, and desire for personal and professional growth.

This board of upper and underclassmen is aimed at promoting academic and professional development, diversity and inclusivity, and community engagement in and around the UF Honors family.

Student Board members will undergo unique leadership training seminars aimed at both personal and professional growth. We want to help you maximize your potential by identifying and developing your current strengths. We also offer countless opportunities to develop new skills through service to the Honors community. Board members will gain access to SHO's large network of successful student leaders and supportive Honors faculty.

Jump start your success by applying for the Student Honors Organization today! Applications will be open from Friday, August 24th until 11:59 pm on September 7th. See the SHO facebook page for details!

2018-2019 Officers

Corinne Evans, President

Hannah Lyons, Vice President of Programs

Jack Baltz, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Sebastian Llarena Barrueto, External Communications Officer

Amelia Bunnell, Internal Communications Officer

Saglara Sangadzhieva, Treasurer

Terry Derias, Secretary

Contact the Officers- SHO@honors.ufl.edu

SHO Leadership Recruitment

SHO is running by 7 officers and just over 20 executive board members that serve on three committees.

Academic and Professional Development: The Academic and Professional development committee serves to connect students with professional aid and provide academic resources. This committee works with various contacts across campus to host events such as the Higher education and Career panel.

Community Engagement: The Community Engagement Committee serves to bring the Honors community together across different academic pursuits, career goals, and overall diverse interests. The goal of this committee is to promote fellowship and camaraderie among Honors students of all different years. The Community Engagement Committee strives to fulfill this mission by offering enriching social programs and events such as Luminaire: Fine Arts Showcase and SHO Carnival. 

Diversity and Inclusivity: The Diversity and Inclusivity Committee serves to educate students on the importance and significance of cultural and societal differences, and how they can benefit from differences in perspectives. The Diversity and Inclusivity committee hosts events such as the Cultural Cinema Showcase.

Officers are selected in the spring semester for the following academic year while committee members are selected early in the fall semester.

The Student Honors Organization is currently looking for a dynamic team of individuals to serve as officers for the 2019-2020 academic year. Seven positions are available. The deadline to apply is 3/13. Additional information and the officer application can be found here