Honors First Generation

The purpose of the Honors 1G Mentoring Program is to help high achieving first-generation honors students in their transition from high school and home to collegiate life at UF and in the greater Gainesville area. We achieve this through mentor-mentee bonds of incoming freshman students and other first-generation Honors upperclassmen. We hope to help these students avoid common pitfalls and have an immediate contact once they arrive at UF who is willing and able to be there in the best and more challenging of times during the participants' first year. Not only will you be introduced to your mentor, but you will enter a network of every current and past H1G mentor and mentee.

Monthly program events will be hosted for all program participants to interact with one another. These activities will range from smaller get-togethers to larger retreats. We intend to offer something fun for everyone. As a mentee in the program, you will be expected to attend monthly workshops that are planned with the intent of exposing you to campus resources and knowledge that will undoubtedly make your first year at UF, along with the rest of your stay, a healthy, enjoyable, successful one.

 The program has internal leadership positions that are open exclusively to H1G members. One of our pillars is leadership, and we want to encourage this value not only on campus but also within our own organization. By allowing incoming students to hold leadership positions early-on in their college careers, we hope to foster a sense of exploration and engagement that will only grow throughout your stay at the University of Florida. Of course, at the end of the program, you will also have the opportunity to apply to be a mentor and continue your leadership within H1G.

IIf interested in joining, please contact H1G Director Gabriela Vukaj at honors.first.gen@gmail.com