The Luminaries are a group of intellectually diverse, highly motivated, student leaders who are excited to share their enthusiasm about the Honors Program with others. This  group of exemplars serve as the official tour guides and student representatives for the UF Honors Program.

Student Honors Organization

SHO is responsible for social programming and community outreach for the Honors Program.  They organize activities such as Haunted Hume at Halloween, Weeks of Welcome events to help new students adjust to college life, and academic programs for all Honors students.

H-Camp / HP Camp

Retreats for first year students to help introduce our freshmen to one another, build teams, and set friendships.

Honors First Generation

H1G organizes events and activities for Honors students that are in the first generation of their family to attend college.

PRISM - Honors Student Magazine

Prism, the Honors Magazine, attempts to showcase the diverse voices of Honors Students in our daily online publication (, as well as in our print magazine. We're here to serve the Honors student body! Email with questions, comments, concerns, inventions, ideas, and haikus. 

Student Honors Advisory Board

The Student Honors Advisory Board provides input on the direction of the program. It regularly provides input on course offerings, particularly the (un)common series.  It helps guide the direction of the program and serves as a sounding board.