Freshmen Program

The Freshmen Honors Program (FHP) is open for high school seniors.  See admission for information on applications.

There are several hallmarks of the freshmen program.

  • Community Building - we have focused on helping students transition to college life.  Students can interact with other students that also place a high value on their academics.  We offer information and opportunities to find a niche on campus.
  • Advising - our advising helps students figure out their academic path and opportunities to customize their plan of study.  We work with students to help form a plan that will help the student reach their goals.
  • Student Honors Organization - SHO provides planning for events, both social and academic, for Honors student to participate in.  These are open to all Honors students, so its also a way to meet upper classmen for peer advising and advice.

Members of the Freshmen Honors Program must earn at least a 3.5 cumulative UF GPA and take at least 2 credits of Honors courses (earned with a B or higher) during their first year. The first year includes Summer B, Fall, and Spring, but not the following summer. Students who complete these requirements will move automatically into University Honors for the remainder of their time at UF.

We try to help students get involved on campus - a great place to start is our student organizations.

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program is open to sophomores thrugh seniors.  Members of the Freshmen Honors Program (UHP) are automatically advanced to UHP if they complete FHP.  Currently enrolled freshmen can apply in the spring of the year.  You do not have to be in FHP to join UHP.

There are several hallmarks of the UHP.

  • Advising - we can help you meet your career goals, help with double majors, excess hours questions, applications for presitigous scholarships, graduate and professional school applications.
  • Courses - we offer courses that can help distinguish you from other applicants
  • Opportunities - we offer information and are knowledgeable about possibilities across campus
  • Research - we encourage and help place students in undergraduate research opportunities.  We work closely with the Center for Undergraduate Research.

We encourage UHP students to complete the program requirements.  This can help you become the well-rounded student that will appeal to graduate school, employers, and professional school.