Ms. Regan Garner, Associate Director, Advisor

Regan Head Shot

Regan came to the Honors program by way of the Office of Admissions, where she was employed for five years as Assistant Director and National Merit coordinator. She was also instrumental in the development of the UF Welcome Center. Regan has a BA in Classical Studies and a M.Ed. in Social Foundations from UF. Her research interests are desegregation and the impact of socioeconomic and ethnic diversity on the American public school experience. Her thesis "School Without a Name" is a history of school desegregation in Gainesville and the founding of Eastside High School and was published by the UF Journal of Law and Public Policy in 2005.   

Regan oversees internal and external scholarships in the Honors Program, serving as academic coordinator for the Davis United World College (UWC) Scholars Program, the Lombardi Scholars Program, and the Stamps Scholars Program. She travels internationally as a representative of the Honors Program, visiting UWC campuses around the world annually and accompanying Lombardi and Stamps Scholars on study abroad trips to Mexico and Peru. As Fulbright Program Advisor, she interacts with many of UF’s most creative and ambitious students. She was recognized as UF International Educator of the Year by the UF International Center in 2016.

A cyclist and radical feminist activist, Regan has been a Gainesville resident for over twenty years. She is often available to "talk town" over Krishna lunch and will happily recommend local restaurants, outdoor activities, and entertainment to anyone interested in exploring the local community. Students interested in getting involved with social justice organizations are also welcome to contact Regan for information about the activist community in Gainesville.

Ms. Garner can answer questions regarding: The Honors Program, General Advising, Study Abroad Opportunities, Prestigious Scholarships & Fellowships, Lombardi & Stamps Scholarship Programs, and the Davis United World College Program.